Building a new School Website with EWS

The Outcome

Using our experience, we will guide your school to a better website within weeks! Quickly improving your online presence.

  • Meets Government standards
  • Not only functions well, but looks professional
  • Showcasing the great work happening at your school

Benefits of EWS

Designed and built using the latest technology.

Website adapts to work on desktops, mobiles and tablets.

Quick and easy to update your website, and edits can be done from anywhere by logging in.

– See maintenance and web hosting for more info

Why choose EWS?

Michael and Peter have worked previously for over 7 years at DECD, managing school and preschool websites.  

  • Know all about what needs to be done
  • Can assist with the process, which can often be scary for schools
  • Suggest what content should be on the site, and where
  • Still have strong connections and regular dealings with the Department for Education

Simple setup
We have worked with the department to have website redirection forms pre-filled out.

Secure web hosting
Worked with the Department for Education to pass their vulnerability test for cyber security.

SSL Certificates
Our websites come with SSL certificates. Google now warns users (the website is unsafe) if a website does not have SSL installed.

Reliable and safe
Our sites are regularly backed up, both locally and remotely.


Access to our Maintenance Client Panel included

Hear what others are saying…

"We have been really happy with their service and quality product. Our school's online presence is professional, sharp and high quality."

Josh Anderson, Clarendon Primary School

"We are very pleased with the new fresh look and the versatility of the website on mobile devices."

Jill Berry, Parafield Gardens R-7 School

"The photos captured exactly what we wanted, we were happy with the whole process. Michael and Elizabeth were excellent working with our staff and students."

Andrea Kuhndt, Ardrossan Area School

"Efficient, friendly and helpful team who accommodated our needs and were patient in our demands."

Sue Wirth, Modbury West School

Get started!

Contact our team and find out how we can help your school or preschool.

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Phone: 0430 133 422