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East Adelaide School Website

Aug 29, 2019 | 0 comments

The ews, Department for Education school website of the year award was presented to East Adelaide School EAS – on the 17th of July at the EdTechSA conference (thinking Technologically)

Logo Refresh

Starting with the logo we freshened it up and gave it a more modem look but added the second key and simplifying the shapes. We also wanted to capture the elegance of the school by changing the design of the key and using a gold as the secondary colour to compliment the blue. The gold really helps the design pop in all media

[twenty20 img1="9970" img2="9971" direction="horizontal" offset="0.5" align="right" width="100%" before="Before" after="After" hover="true"]

Video and photography

The school tour by the students is a fantastic way to not only showcase the school but to have the students involved. On the day of the shoot, students led the way and toured the photographers, improvising and creating the script. Having the students walk through the schools gives an authentic feel and comfortable for potential students and parents to watch together.


The EAS website was built following the Department for Education school website checklist. This is an important list which isn’t always followed by the developers. You can view the Document here: Department for Education school website checklist

The website provides a lot of important information for the school community, using a carefully thought out site map/user interface. While looking sleek and modern. T

5 key buttons on the home pager provides quick options for key information. The same as the absentee number un top of the page.

The site is hosted on a Department approved hosting which has passed the Rapid7 test by the ICT team. Having it hosted in Australia is important for DECD sites. The speed of the website is also important, which isn’t always the dictated by the hosting although plays an important role. Speed optimizition is much more deeper and you can read up it in this blog: EWS speed optimization.

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