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Get your new .au domain name before September 20

Sep 15, 2022 | 0 comments

What is a .au domain?

The .au domain name is now available to businesses in Australia. Most know about the familiar domain names that end in .com or if you are in Australia. There’s also .net,, or .org if you are an Organisation. Usually, businesses in Australia will have a, which means ‘commercial domain’ in ‘Australia’. 

The recently released .au direct has a shorter domain name suitable for business users – which works great for your website URL and business email addresses.


Is my business eligible for a .au domain?

If your business owns an existing domain that is eligible (such as or, you have “first priority” to register the .au domain name that matches.

For example, if you own have “first priority” to register as a domain name.


When do I need to apply for my .au domain?

You have until the 20th of September to apply for the exact match of your domain name, which is this coming Tuesday – so you don’t have much time to secure your .au domain.

From the 21st of September, the priority period will end and anyone could register the .au domain name that matches your business domain.


How to register a .au domain?

If your or domain is registered through us (EWS), get in touch before the 20th of September so that we can register the .au domain for you.

We charge $60 per year (excluding GST) to register and manage your .au domain name, and we will add this to your annual fees with us.


For more information about the .au domain, follow this link from