What happens next at the end of your 3 year plan

Renewal of your 3 Year plan

Now that the 3YP will end soon, you have the option to continue with a further 3YP and receive either a FREE Photoshoot or FREE Website Revamp when renewing.

This is a bonus that we offer for your loyalty to our services, and it helps keep your school website looking modern and your photos up-to-date.

With the new 3YP, you will still receive the same services such as Unlimited updates via our Client Panel and free website hosting.

Renewal Bonus Offer #1


Renewal Bonus Offer #2


Not keen to renew?

If you no longer wish to continue on a 3YP, please look at option #2 or #3 below.

Option 1:

Unlimited 3 Year Maintenance Plan (3YP)

Commit to a further 3YP, the annual amount is based on the latest number of enrolments and the amount is fixed for 3 years, see below link to EWS Prospectus for more information. Each year you will receive unlimited job requests, server updates, backups and much more!! When renewing you will receive the option of to revamp the website or onsite photoshoot.


 What you receive:
  • Access to Client Panel for web updates:
Planning & Reporting Unlimited
Documents Unlimited
Images Unlimited
Content changes Unlimited
  • Free web hosting
  • Complimentary photoshoot or website revamp on re-contract


Visit our EWS Prospectus link for more info

Option #2

No-contract Regular Support Plan

Don’t need a new website or photoshoot! Commit to a no-contract Support Plan and receive the below support for 12 months, no lock in contract:


What you receive:
  • Access to Client Panel for web updates:
Planning & Reporting Unlimited
Documents 30 uploads per year
Images 12 images per year
Content changes 4 hours support per year
  • Free web hosting

Option #3

Annual Hosting

Agree to annual Web Hosting to ensure the website continues to stay live on the internet, this applies to all websites developed by Education Web Solutions. Website content updates and maintenance is completed by the school.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why should my School/Preschool go with EWS?

Education Web Solutions (EWS) are an Adelaide based website and design studio that was started by two people that previously worked with the School Website Team at the Department for Education (DfE and formally known as DECD). Over the past 5+ years, EWS have developed over 250 school websites in South Australia and have done everything from the website design, photography, videos, virtual tours, logo redesign and much more. To learn more, visit our School Website Plans page.

Why is the 3YP locked to 3 years?

Our 3YP lasts 3 years and has a fee that the school needs to pay annually (similar to a mobile or internet plan with a minimum term of 3 years). We find the fixed annual fee is perfect to help with the school budget.

This is our best package that includes Unlimited Support, free web hosting over the duration of the 3 years, and you receive a complimentary bonus (FREE photoshoot or FREE website revamp) at your renewal. 

Over 80% of our school clients have chosen the 3YP as it includes everything they need at our best value price.

What is Web Hosting & why do we pay for this?

A website needs to be hosted somewhere on a server - think of it how a House sits on Land. The Web Hosting is the fee you pay to rent our space on the server, that your website sits on.

Our web hosting fee may be higher than others, but that's because we include server security, full website and server backups (incase anything goes wrong), and our server is hosted in Australia (faster and more secure than those overseas).

NOTE: Our Web Hosting fees are waived when you have committed to any of our support plans (3YP or Regular Support Plan).

Where do schools get their great photos from?

EWS have our very own photography and videography team. We've supported many schools with photoshoots and have even travelled all the way to Port Lincoln and Roxby Downs to support the rural schools in those areas. If you would like any photos or have questions about a videos or drone footage - please contact the team.

How do I renew?

Complete the online form to let us know how to proceed:

Whats new?

Check our latest blogs for new website features and functions to better connect with your community.

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