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Salisbury North Primary School

Feb 25, 2022 | 0 comments

Working with Department for Education school Salisbury North Primary School has been different to the norm but welcomed by our team at Ews.

We worked with the leadership team, who gave Ews the licence to be creative and run for the hills with the website development.

However, halfway through the project, the school had suffered from a hailstorm, causing extreme damage to the front office, classroom, computers, etc. It seemed impossible for the school to continue working on the website while; moving their office into the staff lunchroom, using makedo computers, moving classrooms around, preparing for end of term and school repairs.

Ews stepped in, created a new website, proposed new content, and conducted an interim photo and video shoot. The students were fantastic to work with, as we only had an hour to catch multiple aspects of the school with limited space and actual areas. And we now have a fantastic website for 2022 which reflects the school.

The advantage of being on a complete support plan means the school has access to unlimited support. This means they can provide content when they are ready, keeping their content and website dynamic and up to date.

We look forward to visiting SNPS this year for a photo/video shoot and to continuing to support them.

Check out the website and let us know what you think?