Current pricing for services
Unlimited 3YP Maintenance Plan

Minimum 3 year term for Unlimited Plans

Preschool – $690 per year
Small School – $1490 per year
Medium School – $1990 per year
Large School – $2420 per year
Custom Size School – price TBD

Web Hosting

Web hosting is included FREE on all Unlimited Plans

Tier 1  – $230 (100MB of disk space)
Tier 2 – $280 (200MB of disk space)
Tier 3 – $330 (500MB of disk space) – Preschool
Tier 4 – $440 (1GB of disk space) – Small Schools
Tier 5 – $590 (2GB of disk space) – Medium Schools
Tier 6 – $760 (5GB of disk space) – Large Schools
Tier 7 – $920 (10GB of disk space) – Large Organisations
Advanced Web Hosting – price TBD

Web Hosting Speed Boost (double CPU & RAM) – additional $120 per year
Recommended for complex websites with videos, large photos, and interactive features.

Subscription services

WP Forms – $150 per year
Events Calendar – $150 per year
Social Media Feed (Facebook or Instagram) – $150 per year
Updraft backups – $80 per year (free for sites hosted on our servers)
Google Analytics reports – $TBD

School services
Onsite consultations – $120 per hour
Offsite support – $90 per hour (client rate), $110 per hour (standard rate)
Website training session – $140 per hour
Business services
Onsite consultations – $140 per hour
Offsite support – $120 per hour
Pre-paid support (2 hours) – $230
Website addons

Domain registration – $60 per year
Email – $80 per account, per year

Note: Emails without web hosting may need to purchase additional space if account exceeds 2GB of disk space.

Email additional space – $60 (for up to 5GB)

Other Services

Website upload on external server – $160* (must have cPanel hosting)

Whats new?

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