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Photos & Videos.

Any enrolment size, Any goal. Any budget. One outcome.

Whats included?

Your school will be fully supported by our team – from the build to the regular updates, its all covered!

education web solutions Putting schools first.

Any enrolment size, any goal, any budget. One outcome

Onsite School Photos, Videos and Drone!

Professional images are a great way to showcase all the fantastic and exciting work happening around your school. Our photographers will complete a variety of photos with students, teachers, classrooms and school facilities.

We do School photoshoots all across South Australia

Your school will own the rights to the images and can use them for other purposes

Tips for the best school photoshoots

  • Ensure children and adults have completed the Talent Release Forms (contact us for a copy)

  • Select a staff member or 4/6 student leaders who are willing to be our guides

  • Select areas of the school/ preschool you would like to have videos and pictures taken i.e. library, gym, music room, classroom, playground, sandpit etc.

  • Create a list of children who are/aren’t allowed to have their photo taken for each area

  • Setup areas for photos i.e. play stations, instruments, books, computers, educational and sporting equipment etc.

  • Feel free to specify images you would like for the website.

    • Jack playing guitar for Music page

    • Front of school for contact page

    • Mr Edwards using 3D printers

    • Focus on school values
      • Diversity – range age, nationality and gender of students
      • Courage – students doing courageous activities, shots angled from low to high etc
  • Lastly, to remind students to have the correct uniform and be well presented. We also recommend classes to place water bottles and person items on the floor or out of camera’s frames


Meet at the Front Office

Set up of camera gear


Veggie Garden

Small group harvesting
Picture: Johnny with his Herbs
Picture: Mrs S and some students collecting veg for the kitchen



STEM area – small group SSP


Robotics / Laptop / iPad

Middle Primary area



Small group – johnny, Jim, Peter, Raul, Elizabeth, Sarah, Megan, JackPicture: Mrs S using the new kitchen



Buddy Reading



Solar cookers Rm 14
Picture: Students using robots on mats
Picture: Mr Edwards using 3D printers



Drone Footage over grounds


Phys Ed.

Outdoors activity. Small group


Front of School

Picture: Front of school for contact page


Photoshoot complete

Solar cookers Rm 14
Picture: Students using robots on mats
Picture: Mr Edwards using 3D printers

School Promotion videos

Engage with your schools community with a video or interactive school tour by TourED.

Our best modern websites use new school videos on the home page to immediately capture the attention from your school community.

We use the latest technology with our Sony branded cameras, DJI Mavic 3 drones, and Ronin video camera gimbals – to ensure you have the best school videos.

Our tours emphasize on student involvement; from planning the areas, writing the lines and acting the tours. This gives a real authentic feel and shows how much the students love their school.


Have you got a school video you’re proud of?