New school website support plan

Unlimited plans – catered to SA Department for Education School websites

EWS school website plans

Whats included?

Your school will be fully supported by our team – from the build to the regular updates, its all covered!.

Let us take care of everything!

school website

New School website

Time for a new website?

Your school will receive a brand new website which will be designed to reflect your school and brand.

It will also:

  • meet the Department requirements
  • be responsive (work on mobiles/tablets)
  • look modern and have all the latest features.

Australian Hosting

  • Department for Education approved web hosting.
  • Having worked with DfE to pass security test, and with hundreds of schools on our servers – rest assured that you’re in safe hands.
  • Redirection forms are pre-filled, ready for principals to sign off so we can launch the new website.

New website on renewal

How old is your website?

We found that 3 years is a sticky point where websites start to look and feel outdated. Renew and get a brand new website.


Unlimited support

Do any of these sound familiar:

  • Do you rely on that one staff member for updates?
  • Do you forget your login access or password?
  • Does your provider have limited updates and make you pay more if you exceed your yearly quota?

Those days are gone because our plans include UNLIMITED updates that are done at your request.


Server updates

Behind your website, there’s a bunch of things (PHP, database, themes, plugins and server) that need updating to ensure the website remains secure and keeps performing well.

These updates are all taken care of behind the scenes, so you won’t ever have to worry about them.


Regular Backups

Our websites have weekly back-ups saved locally and onto our cloud server, so you will never have to worry about losing data.

We also have uptime monitoring installed to keep tabs on the status of your website in real-time.

School Website Plan Options

Feel free to contact the team for a formal quote of our plans, or if you need something different – ask us for a customised quote.


Includes Children Centres & Kindergartens

$690 per year

Small sites

Less than
100 enrolments

$1490 per year

Medium sites

100 to 400 enrolments

$1,990 per year

Large sites

400 to 900 enrolments

$2420 per year

Does your school have over 900 FTE? Please contact the team for a customised plan.

Website Design

Have an existing design in mind? let us know.

If not, have a look through our portfolio of schools for ideas and our team will help come up with a website design to reflect your school.

Fequently Asked Questions

Can we manage the website ourselves?

We do have a ‘website development only’ option with no-ongoing support included, meaning the school will take full responsibility over the management of the website.

However, most schools that want the option to edit their website themselves will opt for the ‘Unlimited Support Plan’ anyway as they are priced similarly and have extra added value. These schools usually adopt a ‘hybrid’ style of maintenance where the school can make basic edits (like uploading newsletters or blogs), but still have the option to contact the experts (that’s us) whenever they need a hand with major updates (or for when their IT/admin staff are absent).


Does this website meet the Department requirements?

Yes, it’s actually one of main benefits of having a website developed by us.

Our team previously worked with the Department when the ‘School Website Requirements Checklist’ was created, so we know exactly what needs to be on your website.

How do we request changes?

Using the online client panel on the EWS website – Client panel 

Can we cancel early?

This isn’t really a “Frequently Asked Question” as we’ve never had anyone cancel early, but if you were curious –

Yes you can cancel early, however the remainder of the contract will need to be paid to cover the initial website development costs.

Do you provide other services such as logos and photoshoots?

Yes, we pride ourselves on being a one-stop-shop for schools.

Check out our ‘Services’ tab and learn more about our photoshoots, videos, logos and school tours.

If there’s a service that we haven’t included – contact us and I’m sure we can still help (or atleast point you in the right direction).

I love what I hear, how do I sign up?

Ready to get started? Scroll to the bottom of the page and fill out the ‘Get a Quote’ form.

need a little extra?

Add to your schools branding and marketing!

Logo Design

Time to modernise your school logo to go with your new modern website?


Nothing compliments a new website like professional photos 


Need a welcome video or interactive school tour?

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