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Aug 28, 2019 | 0 comments

Have you ever walked into a clothing store, such as Jayjays or CottonOn and there is a pile of clothes on sale and you just can’t find what you need? LOL

This can be the same feeling for website users! Let’s change the question! – Have you ever been on an overwhelming website, where there is too much information and you just can’t find what you need? YESSS! The solution is simple, positive-navigation-experience, such as Quick Links.

The quick links feature found on school websites are designed to simplify useful information at first glance for users, whilst having the added option of a detailed menu.

Our website development team added the quick links feature to the Roxby Downs Area School website, which you can view as an example.

The quick links tab can provide additional links, sub-categories and more, as well as improve how users navigate your website.  This feature is ideal for contact links, government links, newsletters, uniform page etc. For instance, when browsing a school website, the top menu would be clean and simple, allowing the design to be the forefront of the website. The top menu of a website generally provides the main categories, such as Home page, Parent Information, Gallery, Policies etc. and quick links allows you to expand on these categories to reveal subcategories/ descriptions providing the user with further information.

This navigation approach is useful for all types of websites and is the perfect solution to smarten up your school website navigation!

Already a client with EWS and on an unlimited maintenance plan? Contact our team and let us know if you are interested in making your website a positive-navigation-experience for your future website visitors 🙂

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