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Say goodbye to the school newsletter

Dec 18, 2019 | 0 comments

When designing and redeveloping a schools’ website we always do our research and always ask if there is anything we can implement on their new site that will assist the school in making things more efficient.  From what we have found, most schools have been looking at a way to digitize their school newsletter.  One site that has used this feature well is Warradale Primary School 


News in real-time

By using our digital school newsletter feature your school has the ability to lodge news as it happens (via our client-panel meaning your school site and school community will have the most up to date information in real time.  No more waiting for the weekly/fortnightly/termly newsletter to compile information and content.  Send it through to us, as it happens 🙂


Save time and save on printing!

This will ultimately save time as sending through a quick request after events happen is much more convenient than stockpiling information.  This also leads to a reduction in paper and printing wastage and saving time for administration staff in collating and distributing these newsletters.

Wait, i still want printed newsletters!

I’m glad you asked!  The digital school newsletter will keep all entries, meaning when it is time for the newsletter, you can simply go through the previous newsletters posts through the website, making it a single source of imagery and text.  Josh Vick (Principal) from Warradale Primary has been using this feature since Term 4 of 2019 and as you can see him and his team have embraced this feature with open arms.

Is your school ready to take the next step in digitizing its services? What a great way to give your school website that extra sense of purpose and also making processes that little bit easier for your school staff.

If you want to get this feature, send the team a message and we can discuss how this can be best implemented to your school.